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S.P.I.C.E. Group

Supporting Providers In Childcare Environments
Add a little SPICE to your day!

What is SPICE? SPICE is a support group for child care providers powered by Yahoo Groups

~:~ Our Goal ~:~

To provide a positive and safe environment of support for child care providers. Providing child care is a very stressful job. We are business owners, daily programmers, supply shoppers, janitors, cooks, entertainers, referee’s, cab drivers, nurses, story tellers…. the list goes on. We are professional child care providers! We spend our days caring for little ones, making their world a better place, opening & sharing our homes with many different families. We spend our evenings caring for our families and somehow caring for ourselves is last on the list. Taking time to care for ourselves and reduce stress is very important to our ability to care for others. It is our goal that this list will be one way to care for the provider through sharing idea’s & advice in all aspects of our careers. A safe place to vent, problem solve and evaluate. Build lasting friendships. Providers Helping Providers SPICE Things Up!!

You must work with children as a child care provider, preschool teacher, or homeschool parent to become a member of SPICE

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Free Printables!

Providing these extras can be difficult on a budget to we are sharing our creations with you. Calendar Numbers, Center Signs, Door Signs, Word-Builders and more to come!

*You will need Acrobat Reader to view the following files*

The following free printables are for personal use only by Daycare Providers, Child Care Providers and Pre-school Educators in the child care environment in which they provide care. All printables have been donated to Supporting Providers and used with permission of the creators. Graphics on the printables have been used with permission of the graphic artist and follow their terms with the creator. Please respect the copyright of both the creators and graphic artists. By using these forms you are bound to our terms. DO NOT add these printables to collections you are selling or intend to sell. DO NOT distribute these printables in any way unless you have written permission from (this includes but is not limited to e-groups & forums). DO NOT add these printables to your website.

Authorization and Assessment Childcare and Daycare Forms

Daycare and Childcare General Authorization Forms

General Excursion Word PDF
Field Trip Word PDF
Photo Word PDF
Activity Authorization 1 Word  
Activity Authorization 2 Word  
Activity Authorization 3 Word  
Field Trip Consent 1 Word  
Field Trip Consent 2 Word  
Field Trip Consent 3 Word  
Field Trip Consent 4 Word  
Field Trip Consent 5 Word  
Field Trip Consent 6 Word  
General Permission 1 Word  
General Permission 2 Word  
General Permission 3 Word  
Permission to Leave 1 Word  
Permission to Leave 2 Word  
Permission to Photo 1 Word  
Permission to Photo 2 Word  
Permission to Photo 3 Word  
Permission to Photo 4 Word  
Permission to Photo 5 Word  
Permission to Swim Word  
Sunscreen 1 Word  
Sunscreen 2 Word  
Trampoline Release Form Word  
Transportation 1 Word  
Transportation 2 Word  
Transportation 3 Word  
Transportation 4 Word  
Transportation 5 Word  
Water Play Word  

Daycare and Childcare Miscellaneous Forms

Birthday List Word  
Child Care Evaluation Word  
Clean Up Chart Word  
Grocery List Word  
Toilet Training Word  
Vehicle Inspection   PDF
Weekly Toy Cleaning Word  

Daycare and Childcare Child Assesment Forms and Reports

Preschool Assessment Word PDF
Rating – Infant/Toddler JPG  
Rating – 2’s JPG  
Rating – 3’s, 4’s & 5’s JPG  
Rating – 4’s & 5’s JPG  

Medical, Accident, Injury and Nutrition Daycare and Childcare Forms

Daycare and Childcare Health, Medical, Accident, Injury Reports and Forms

Boo Boo Report Word PDF
Accident Report 1 Word PDF
Accident Report 2 Word  
Accident Report 3 Word  
Accident Report 4 Word  
Accident Report 5 Word  
Boo Boo Report Word  
Accident Incident Word  
Injury-Accident 1 Word  
Injury-Accident 2 Word  
Minor Injury Report Word  
Record of Incident Word  

Daycare and Childcare Medical Reports and Forms

Emergency Permission Word PDF
Health Policy Word PDF
Medical Permission Word PDF
Administer Medication Word  
Authorization to Treat Word  
Basic Release Word  
Health History Word  
Emergency Treatment Word  
Consent Form Word  
Emergency Plan Word  
Emergency Contact Word  
Emergency Information Word  
Emergency Medical Authorization Word  
Emergency Medical Form 1 Word  
Emergency Medical Form 2 Word  
Emergency Medical Form 3 Word  
Emergency Transportation Word  
Emergency Treatment Word  
External Preparation Word  
Head Lice Information Word  
Health Record Word  
Medical Authorization 1 Word  
Medical Authorization 2 Word  
Medical Authorization 3 Word  
Medical Consent Word  
Medication Authorization Word  
Medication Log 1 Word  
Medication Log 2 Word  
Medication Release 1 Word  
Medication Release 2 Word  
Non Perscription Word  
OTC Medication 1 Word  
OTC Medication 2 Word  
Physical Word  
Physician Verification Word  

Daycare and Childcare Nutrition Reports and Forms

Infant Feeding Word PDF
Allergy and Food Word  
Alternate Nutrition Agreement Word  
Infant Meal Word  
Menu 1 Word  
Menu 2 Word  
Menu 3 Word  
Menu Format Word  
Nutritional Information Word  
Nutrition Assessment Word  
This Weeks Menu Word  

Pre-Registration, Registration and Enrollment Daycare and Childcare Forms

Daycare and Childcare Registration Forms

Infant Social Resume Word PDF
Toddler/Preschool Social Resume Word PDF
School Age Social Resume Word PDF
About Your Child 1 Word  
About Your Child 2 Word  
About Your Child 3 Word  
All About Me 1 Word  
All About Me 2 Word  
Child Background Word  
Child Biography Word  
Child Information Word  
Childrens Biography Word  
Get Acquainted Word  
Infant Information Word  

Daycare and Childcare Pre-Registration Forms

Interview Phone Log Word PDF
Interview Log Word  
Interview Sheet Word  
Parent Enrollment Form Word  
Phone Log Word  
Phone Questionaire Word  
Rates and Positions Word  

Daycare and Childcare Enrollment Forms

Registration Word PDF
Child Admission Record Word  
Health Information Word  
Emergency Info Word  
Emergency Form Word  
Emergency Information Word  
Enrollment Application Word  
Enrollment Checklist Word  
Enrollment Form 1 Word  
Enrollment Form 2 Word  
Enrollment Information 1 Word  
Enrollment Information 2 Word  
Enrollment Questions Word  
Immunizations Word  
Paperwork Notice Word  
Registration Word  
Registration Form Word  
Registration Forms Word  
Supply List Word  


Contract, Handbooks and Policy Daycare and Childcare Forms

Contact and Policy Daycare and Childcare Forms

Contract 1 Word  
Contract 2 Word  
Contract 3 Word  
Contract 4 Word  
Contract 5 Word  
Contract 6 Word  
Contract 7 Word  
Contract 8 Word  
Contract 9 Word  
Contract 10 Word  
Sample Contract Word  
Drop in Contract 1 Word  
Drop in Contract 2 Word  
Drop in Contract 3 Word  
Enrollment Contract 1 Word  
Enrollment Contract 2 Word  
Enrollment Contract 3 Word  
Fee Agreement Word  
Fees 1 Word  
Fees 2 Word  
Parent Agreement Word  
Parent Contract Word  
Part-Time Contract Word  
Rates Fees Word  

Daycare and Childcare Handbooks

Parent Handbook   PDF
Mini Parent Handbook   PDF
Daycare Handbook 1 Word  
Daycare Handbook 2 Word  
Daycare Handbook 3 Word  
Daycare Handbook A Word  
Handbook Word  
Parent Handbook 1 Word  
Parent Handbook 2 Word  

Daycare and Childcare Policy Forms

Acceptance Form Word  
Ackn. of Policies 1 Word  
Ackn. of Policies 2 Word  
Exclusion Policy Word  
Illness Exclusion Word  
Sick Child Policy Word  
Illness Policy Word  

Business, Financial, Behavior Daycare and Child Care Forms

Assistant Daycare & Childcare Forms

Daily Information for Substitute Provider Word PDF
Assistant Application Word  
Orientation Word  
Staff Record   PDF
Staff Education Record   PDF

Changes in Care Daycare & Childcare Forms

Termination Notice Word PDF
Change In Schedule Word  
Child Pickup Authorization Word  
Child Pick Up Word  
Child Pickup Form Word  
Early Withdrawal Notice Word  
Notice of Withdrawal Word  
Termination Notice 1 Word  
Termination Notice 2 Word  
Termination Notice 3 Word  
Termination Notice 4 Word  
Termination Notice 5 Word  
Termination Notice 6 Word  
Vacation Notification Word  

Financial Daycare & Childcare Forms

Annual Income Word PDF
Bi-Weekly Receipt Word PDF
Weekly Receipt Word PDF
Monthly Receipt Word PDF
Invoice Word PDF
Late Payment Word PDF
Account Over Due Word  
Account Status 1 Word  
Account Status 2 Word  
Account Status 3 Word  
Bounced Check Notice Word  
Direct Expense Ledger Word  
Grocery Expense Ledger Word  
Income Ledger Word  
Indirect Expense Word  
Late Fee Notice 1 Word  
Late Fee Notice 2 Word  
Late Payment Notice Word  
Notice for Accounts Word  
Rate Increase Word  
Rates Word  
Summary of Payments Word  
Tax Worksheet Word PDF
Tuition Due Notice Word  

Behavior Daycare & Childcare Forms

Friendship Guidelines Word PDF
Biting in Daycares Word  
Discipline Word  
Discipline Report Word  
Discipline Statement Word  
Probation Notice Word