Authorization and Assessment Childcare and Daycare Forms

Daycare and Childcare General Authorization Forms

General Excursion Word PDF
Field Trip Word PDF
Photo Word PDF
Activity Authorization 1 Word  
Activity Authorization 2 Word  
Activity Authorization 3 Word  
Field Trip Consent 1 Word  
Field Trip Consent 2 Word  
Field Trip Consent 3 Word  
Field Trip Consent 4 Word  
Field Trip Consent 5 Word  
Field Trip Consent 6 Word  
General Permission 1 Word  
General Permission 2 Word  
General Permission 3 Word  
Permission to Leave 1 Word  
Permission to Leave 2 Word  
Permission to Photo 1 Word  
Permission to Photo 2 Word  
Permission to Photo 3 Word  
Permission to Photo 4 Word  
Permission to Photo 5 Word  
Permission to Swim Word  
Sunscreen 1 Word  
Sunscreen 2 Word  
Trampoline Release Form Word  
Transportation 1 Word  
Transportation 2 Word  
Transportation 3 Word  
Transportation 4 Word  
Transportation 5 Word  
Water Play Word  

Daycare and Childcare Miscellaneous Forms

Birthday List Word  
Child Care Evaluation Word  
Clean Up Chart Word  
Grocery List Word  
Toilet Training Word  
Vehicle Inspection   PDF
Weekly Toy Cleaning Word  

Daycare and Childcare Child Assesment Forms and Reports

Preschool Assessment Word PDF
Rating – Infant/Toddler JPG  
Rating – 2’s JPG  
Rating – 3’s, 4’s & 5’s JPG  
Rating – 4’s & 5’s JPG