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Supporting Providers In Childcare Environments
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What is SPICE? SPICE is a support group for child care providers powered by Yahoo Groups

~:~ Our Goal ~:~

To provide a positive and safe environment of support for child care providers. Providing child care is a very stressful job. We are business owners, daily programmers, supply shoppers, janitors, cooks, entertainers, referee’s, cab drivers, nurses, story tellers…. the list goes on. We are professional child care providers! We spend our days caring for little ones, making their world a better place, opening & sharing our homes with many different families. We spend our evenings caring for our families and somehow caring for ourselves is last on the list. Taking time to care for ourselves and reduce stress is very important to our ability to care for others. It is our goal that this list will be one way to care for the provider through sharing idea’s & advice in all aspects of our careers. A safe place to vent, problem solve and evaluate. Build lasting friendships. Providers Helping Providers SPICE Things Up!!

You must work with children as a child care provider, preschool teacher, or homeschool parent to become a member of SPICE

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15 thoughts on “S.P.I.C.E. Group

  1. Hello…I’m a family childcare provider and have worked from my home caring for children for 26 years. I’d love to join your group to learn new tactics (Aren’t we always learning?), problem solve, and offer support and guidance.

  2. Juliana Green says:

    Hi I am a childcare provider of 15+ years and am trying to get a home care center started. I came across this on S.P.I.C.E. and would love to join your group for better insight and to learn new strategies. Thank you for your time.

  3. Jennifer Barnes says:

    Hi, I am a newly liscensed daycare provider and came across your site while looking for a form for a Child’s Day of Events. Then I stumbled upon your group and look forward to joining and getting to know other providers.

  4. hello my name is carmen and i am a stay at home mom, who is currently learning on how to become a private day care provider. i would like to join this group to learn all i need to know on what works and what may not in this type of career. thank u in advance..

  5. Hello..I used to to daycare from my home a couple years back and took a break to go to school. I am now getting ready to open up a daycare in my home again! I am very excited to get this going again! I would love to become part of your group to learn some new things and just be able to chat with other people who are doing the same thing I am.

  6. I really need help ready want the daycare out of my home . I do 24 hours of care and need to bring it out of my house . Can someone help with this.

  7. I am currently training to become a child care provider on our Army base, and im a little anxious. There are so many rules, so much paperwork, so much to do….. I would love to join to have people to talk to who can share fun stuff, advice, tips, anything really!

  8. I too, am in the process of beginning childcare out of my home. Right now I’m taking courses and will soon be preparing to get licensed by my state. I was looking at your site to get ideas of different forms and print outs that will beneficial to my childcare home once I am up and running. This is very exciting and getting all these ideas keeps me focused and I look forward to providing this service in my community.

  9. I am a licensed provider for 21 years now and am always looking for new ideas to “spice” up my childcare. I like to see other providers set-ups and classrooms because I always seem to take some ideas away from each different one.

  10. I have been running my own childcare for 3 years now! This group sounds like something that I would really like to be a part of! I’m always looking for new ideas and love to share some ideas that I have as well!

  11. nila benson says:

    i have day care in my home and I’m looking forward to building new addiction onto my house but i would really love the communicate with others that are doing the same or similar.

  12. Hello,
    I’m Terry aka Tay Tay
    I’ve been in childcare for the past 28 years. I’ve owned my own In Home Childcare for the past 17 years.
    I love this site. Ty for having all those cool forms!

    Tay Tay

  13. Hello, I am celebrating 10 years as a childcare provider on tomorrow. I was reading the information and I would be very much interested in branching out to find more information that will help me better my business. I am also looking into branching out to a larger place of business

  14. Hi, I have been a child care provider for 3 years and I am just finishing up getting fully liscenced. I came across this site also looking for daycare forms and would love to join. Thank you,

  15. I have been in the child care field for at least 5 years now starting when I was a senior in high school. Now that my husband and I have moved to Mississippi to his current stationed base I am going to be opening a home daycare of my own. I just ran across this site and have found it very useful, thank you I will be joining this site.


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